Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Protecting your family’s future includes thinking of what would happen to your assets and who should get your properties after you pass away. That’s especially important now that the shape of the family unit is changing. You may have to give special considerations to a partner or children in your combined, de facto or divorced family. Everything will be better laid out if you have strategic estate planning—and our lawyers are here to help you with that.


An estate plan is not merely about writing a Will—it’s more about helping your family members move forward with ease once you pass away. Here are the benefits of having strategic estate planning:

  • You formalise your wishes. Since your Will is a legally binding document, you can protect your loved ones from anyone who challenges your wishes after you pass or when you can no longer speak for yourself due to illness or being incapacitated.
  • You could minimise disputes. When you set guidelines on how you want your assets to be distributed after your demise, you prevent disputes among your family members. You don’t want your estate distribution to cause unnecessary frustrations.
  • You could help your heirs avoid costly tax rates. Our top estate lawyers in Adelaide will explore your assets’ possible tax implications. We’ll help you come up with a plan that will protect your heirs from unexpected costs.
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Strategic Estate Planning

When you die without leaving a Will, the court will handle the estate administration in a way that may not be aligned with your wishes. Plus, if you’re in a de facto relationship and pass away without a Will, your de facto will have to deal with the court to “prove” the relationship. But when you have effective & strategic estate planning, you can avoid these scenarios that would only create a burden for your loved ones who’d be going through a difficult time.

Effective Estate Plan Review

Your Will and estate plan should be constantly updated. Turn to our trusted estate attorneys in Adelaide if your documents are old and need updating. You can also come to us if your circumstances have changed, such as when you get divorced or welcome another child, and you need your Will to reflect new wishes based on such changes. Simply put, our law firm is always open for you when you need to review and update your Will.

Preparation of Power of Attorney

Estate planning also covers preparation of Power of Attorney, Advanced Care Directive and other related documents. Such legally binding documents will enable a designated individual to manage your properties & assets and make lifestyle & health decisions on your behalf. These arrangements will com in handy when you can no longer make important life decisions yourself due to serious illness or being incapacitated.

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