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Many people are looking for a legal expert, but they’re not sure what to expect from their first consultation. Our lawyers have the experience, skills, and knowledge to help you find the right one to suit your needs.

Family law

With years of legal experience, our top family lawyers in Adelaide are ready to assist you in all facets of family law. We handle cases related to divorce, child support, children’s arrangements, property division, de facto relationships and more. Trust us to help you navigate the nuanced legal processes in family courts, so you and your family can move forward in life with ease. Contact us today to start a consultation.


Purchasing or selling a property is a huge life decision. Besides getting your desired property or sale price, you have to consider the legal nature of property transactions in Adelaide and other states. This is where our skilled conveyancers can help you. With a collaborative approach and detail-oriented services, they will protect your rights during the transaction. Talk to our conveyancers before selling or buying any other property in Adelaide.

Estate planning

Estate planning is all about protecting your assets and your family’s financial future. When you draw up a legally binding Will, you formalise your wishes and prevent anyone from challenging them. That can minimise family disputes in the time of your demise. If you have been divorced or in a de facto relationship, estate planning will also help you give special considerations to certain family members. Whatever your family situation, our top estate lawyers in Adelaide are ready to assist.

Estate administration

Distributing the estate of your deceased loved one can be a lengthy legal process. Our estate lawyers in Adelaide are ready to guide you through the probate processes. We know that you and your family are already going through a difficult time. Trust us to take a resolute yet thoughtful approach to estate administration. Give us a call today to learn how our firm can further help you.

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