Estate Administration

Estate Administration

Distributing deceased estates and preparing the necessary documentation can be a lengthy & complex process. Count on our top lawyers in Adelaide to make the process easy and convenient. We know you and your family are going through a difficult time, so we take a firm yet thoughtful approach to our estate administration services in Adelaide. And with our years of experience, we’re well-equipped to administer your loved one’s assets in respect to their wishes and file all necessary documents in the Supreme Court for Probate.

Grants of Probate

When a family member with a valid Will passes, you must seek legal advice regarding estate administration. Most Will executors will need to apply for a grant of probate. In that process, the Will may have to be proved valid before the Court allows the estate’s assets to be distributed to the deceased’s beneficiaries according to the terms of the Will. Our experienced lawyers in Adelaide are ready to guide your application for grants of probate.

Dying Intestate

If your loved one died without a Will, the distribution of their assets should follow the intestacy laws. These laws, however, are different in each Australian state. These may be challenged by aggrieved beneficiaries under relevant legislations. If you were in a de facto relationship with the deceased, you might need to prove your relationship in the Court. These may seem complicated, but our top estate are here to help.

Letters of Administration

When someone dies without a valid Will, the heirs must seek legal advice so that an administrator may be appointed to distribute the estate. We’ll help you prepare a letter of administration to submit to the Court. Our lawyers are familiar with the state legislation that details who is entitled to apply for administration or is eligible to inherit the estate. Trust us to guide you through this complex legal process with ease.

Superannuation and Life Insurance

Some people don’t draft a Will because they think they don’t have enough assets. But this is a common misconception. People may die and leave a substantial death benefit payment from their life insurance or superannuation. If they don’t have a Will, those proceeds will be distributed based on the relevant intestacy laws. Consult with us if your loved one passed without a Will but had life insurance or superannuation benefits.

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